Our Office

Counselling in Edmonton


My office is located in the West End of Edmonton, close to  West Edmonton Mall. 

Follow 178 Street north (towards downtown), then turn left onto 98 Avenue. 98 Avenue curves around and becomes 182 Street, so follow the curve to the left. There will be a strip mall with a Husky station on your right. Go straight through the three-way stop; my building is half-way down the block, across the alley from the Health Centre in the strip mall.

There is a parking lot out front for you, and you can walk right in the building and have a seat.

​Please note that our door locks automatically at 5:00, so if you have an appointment booked for the evening, you will need to ring the doorbell to be let in.

9690 182 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: (780) 604-8704

Fax: (780) 482-1259

email: drthanoski@shaw.ca